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Because we all need to eat and it is tastier, cheaper and more nutritious to cook and eat at home. But friends make it more fun.

A lot of people are touting eating at home these days. Whether it’s the recession, farm to table movement, or food science research, there are a lot of reasons to eat at home.

Still, a lot of people aren’t cooking their own food.

I Mean Really Cooking. Like With Pots

Did you know the most consumed meal in American is the sandwich?

That saddens me deeply. Not that I have anything against sandwiches, or carbs in general, but you could make a beautiful salad in the same amount of time.

Or deliciously simple pasta in fifteen minutes. That’s the length of commercials in an hour long tv show. Or half as long as you have to wait for delivery.

Yes, But Why Parties

Ah, yes, the parties. I could say because it makes you accountable. But really, it is fun.

It is a guarenteed time to catch up with friends, collegues, cousins, or whoever you round up that week. Cooking is less of a chore when you have other people helping. And it’s an excuse to use the nice plates you reserve for “company” but in reality don’t take out.

You could go out with your friends and spend easily spend $40 a pop on food and drinks. Or you can spend $40 (or less) making dinner for your friends.

It’s kind of a no-brainer, as I see it.

What If You Can’t Cook?

I used to have a choir teacher who thought anyone could sing. But I firmly believe that anyone can cook.

There are an absolute wealth of places to learn online. There’s a nice hack method here as well.

So go pick out the easiest recipes you can find and invite some friends over this Sunday night. And tell me how it goes.

Happy dinner partying!